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Can I just revise and deliver in this situation?

I’m a bit stuck with this order I’m working on.

Not only there is a language barrier, but it also appears to be a “team” of people with conflicting ideas. The first round of revisions was rough, extensive, and kind of poorly articulated but I managed.

The second (and final) round rolled around and I can’t make sense of some of the requests. So I asked to clarify a few things to ensure the “team” wanted me to do what I thought they wanted me to do, to possibly sketch it if they couldn’t describe it with words. The revisions are extensive again and I wouldn’t want to take a wild guess and waste my time. I’ve been ignored since. The date of the event is late next year so they’re not exactly in a hurry.

If it wasn’t a Premium package and if I hadn’t spent this much time on revisions already, I’d probably let the order hang in revision for a week or two to give the buyer some time. But I’m pretty annoyed at this point and would like to get this thing over with.

So my question is, can I just revise the work how I see fit based on my understanding of the request and deliver it AFTER I clearly told the buyer I needed clarifications on certain things? I have my suspicions, I can try and guess. Or will it be considered an abuse of the holy Deliver Now button?


Well, you are really good at managing this situations yourself and judge what will be the best approach :wink:

But when that happens to me I usually give a “heads up” message something along the lines “I haven’t heard from you in a while, please let me know your thoughts or I will have to make changes as I understand them and it will be our last revision included in the order. Of course you will always will be able to add extra revisions or x$ if you will still need them”. (But of course a bit softer and not so “threatening)

And if they don’t reply I make changes and deliver as I understand them. That doesn’t break any rules.
And I send that message just to give them a bit of time to really take an action or to see if they will ignore it again and then it’s not my responsibility anymore.


Ohhhhhhh boy, that’s a huge challenge right there!!
I believe you handled the situation pretty well in my opinion,
I’d say go with that @mariashtelle1 said, I think she pretty much covered everything.

I just hope this “team” doesn’t give you any further trouble!
Good luck!


Thank you, I’m taking this. I was wrecking my brain trying to find a polite way of saying: “Can we please speed this up?” I don’t necessarily mind to work at the buyer’s pace even unless they start to assume that I have weeks to deal with an individual order.

Thank you, I hope so. It’s been quite a ride so far.

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They have been “online”?

Yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t say they were ignoring me.


Just simply send them : “Any Update?” (to activate their subconscious mind :slight_smile: )

I personally send to my buyers responding too late (after 48 hrs or so)

Keep us posted!!

Do you really think that sending “any update” is less rude than making a whole explanation?

Even if any of my clients will write to me “any update” I will be mad, and I’m not even native speaker. I’m sure for a native speaker “any update” will sound super rude.

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Hmmm, I guess it will depend on how they’ll read it? I’ve said “Any updates?” multiple times, and never had any problems with it. It’s not rude per se.

In any case, the lesson is pretty simple - avoid working with people with a language barrier. If I’m contacted by somebody with less than perfect english all the red flags go up immediately and I’ll tread very carefully. I’ll turn down most of them, and only move forward if I’m totally sure it will be a trivial order to complete.


I once turned the project down because the person was just sending me word salad message after message. Which I should be immune to because Klitchko the famous boxer is the mayor of the city I live in. His every public address is like that. Just words desperately clinging to each other with no sense between them.

But that potential buyer told me: “You’re now insulting me, I’m deaf”. I apologised for nothing and that was that. Still one of my favorite fiverr stories ever.

This particular buyer is relatively fluent but they misuse words a lot. And the topic of the entire thing has to do with anatomy. So the disaster creeps up on you only when you receive an incredibly detailed revision request. And at that point, it’s too late.

UPD: The buyer responded to the message I’ve left a few days back, provided a sketch, received an updated version, and marked the order as complete without leaving a review. Which is probably for the best.


What? We’re talking about written messages here, right?

I think (and this is purely theoretical) that maybe deaf people have some sort of app or a software that helps them translate the sign language into writing. Because if you’re born deaf, you don’t put sentences together the way other people do. You do that the way the sign language does it (which may appear very random from the outside looking in). This could be what that guy was doing.

He wanted to order a flyer for his strip club, btw.