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Can I learn coding language through mobile

I want to work in fiverr. In web development category. So can I master in coding through learning by mobile (by internet and ebooks) or I need to go into some courses in market.

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You should only offer services you can do. If you want to learn coding, great goal, but you haven’t even looked into where to start, much less started.
Fiverr is supposed to be a platform for professionals, people who already know what they are doing. I’m not opposed to beginners who may not have gotten large jobs yet, but it’s not supposed to primarily be a learning platform.


Mobile is ok for learning purposes, but for professional use you must need a PC. You can go to w3schools , they have integrated Online Code Editor, with that you can start learning codes on Mobile. (Besides w3schools there are many websites where you can learn, you may search on google. )


There are lots of online courses in it. Simply do a google search for free online classes in it.

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Yes you can but if you failed to give your client desired result then its a bad impact for your profile. So its better first you ensure that you can give your client the best service for that you need to practice and also take some expert advise from your near one.

If you are like me you will try an online class in it for beginners and quickly find out if you have the ability or not. It’s not for everyone. It was the same as when I thought I would learn Chinese. I don’t have that ability.

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I’m very interested tech guy and always want to learn tech knowledge online. And one bigger plus point is that it has big opportunity to earn money.

As this website is not for beginners, so first, I will master in coding then I will start working here.

Thanks for your precious suggestions!!!:blush::kissing_heart:

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Thanks for your suggestions samina😊! Well what’s your profession here?

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As your words, I make research and found out many websites and apps that teach coding very easily. Thanks for your valuable response misscrystal!!

Thanks for your valuable response!!

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Thanks for your suggestions buddy! Well you also a coder?

Not a ‘buddy’, but you’re welcome. No I’m not a coder, but I am a learner.


It’s very good to have learning attitude!:blush:

Graphic Design :slight_smile: