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Can I leave a review after order has been cancelled?

Hello Fiverr community!

I have a quick question: if i request an order is cancelled, can I leave a review about the seller?

Essentially the seller didnt meet their first deadline, so being a noobie gave him an extra day. Now that deadline has also passed and although they are always online, they will not complete my order or communicate in anyway.

I’d really like to leave a 1 star review about this seller ******, but suspect if I agree to cancel I wont be able to.


Mod note: Seller name removed. Calling out other users is against forum rules/guidelines.


Dave, first you need to remove the seller’s name, you can’t name and shame on the forum. Regarding the cancellation, no you will not be able to leave feedback on a cancelled sale.


thanks for your reply, I read the forum rules before i posted and didnt see anything in there about naming. Unfortunate sellers can just hold you hostage and not receive a bad review for it


You’re welcome. I do understand your frustration. Unfortunately, it can happen on both sides of the equation. There are buyers who will try and get a seller to do work beyond the scope of their gig and threaten to cancel or leave negative feedback.


Hi Dave,

First of all, think of it this way: if you cancel an order, you’re basically not a customer anymore since you haven’t received anything but your money back, and thus you lose your prerogatives - so it’s not possible to leave rating for something you haven’t received.

If you really want to share with other buyers your experience with that seller (whose name, as @sophiesvoice mentioned, you should remove from your post), then you can simply do any of the following things:

  1. give as much time as the seller needs to deliver and then leave the rating you want

  2. or better yet, let the order become late because then you will have the right to cancel and the seller will receive an automatic negative rating stating something like “seller failed to deliver on time.”

More so, Fiverr will also ask you for private feedback regarding that seller, where you can share your experience with Fiverr directly.

P.S. sellers who appear “always online” may actually not be always online - if the Fiverr mobile app is active in the background on the seller’s phone, it will show them as online all the time, without them actually being online


I am surprised (but envious) that you managed to name the seller anyway in your original post (meaning it did not get edited away) - I tried to attach a screenshot even WITHOUT the username yet it was removed.

To be honest I personally find the no-naming policy very dumb as I am a strong believer of transparency (as far as I am concerned unscrupulous users whether seller or buyer should be shamed).

A seller cancelled my order on the very day of delivery itself without any proper reason (except citing “personal problems” yet went on to accept more orders, basically exposing that he was just dumping mine to take on others instead).


That’s not the purpose of the forum.


It should include such a purpose.


Why? So this can turn into a place of accusing sellers who aren’t here to defend themselves? For what purpose? So you can feel like you are warning people? I find that so ineffectual as a warning system that it’s a ridiculous suggestion.
I don’t want to see these things here and that’s not why I come here.


You need to realize that this is not appropriate behavior for this forum.