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Can I leave a review as a seller before the buyer does?

Im having trouble getting reviews off buyers, I even send follow ups asking if they found my work helpful for them and if they could leave a review. No response, no reviews… Annoying for me as im new and trying to build a review base by offering my services quite cheaply.

I thought maybe if I review them first it may spur them on, but I cannot for the life of me find an option to do this. I have only ever been able to give a review once they do. Am I missing something?

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You’re not. You can only leave a review after the buyer does.


Hmmm interesting setup. So the only way you can prompt a buyer to leave a review other than asking directly is to hope they can be bothered?

Asking for reviews is against ToS, you could get into trouble, fiverr itself sends atleast 2-3 reminders to buyers to leave a review


It just sucks when you put hours into your work and then once sent, you hear nothing from the buyer, get no feedback and no reviews.

I work a lot with Airbnbs which is VERY review based so im finding it hard to adjust to only receiving 46% of buyers leaving me a review.

If you’re getting reviews from 46% of your buyers, honestly you’ve got nothing to worry about, as that’s a pretty respectable rate for here on Fiverr. I think we’re somewhere around the 65% mark, and we’re happy with that.

We had a buyer order from us last week. He’s been ordering from us for the past 2 years, and sent a gushing opening message telling us why he rates us and why he’s back to order again. He’s ordered from us at least 10 times… And he’s never left a single review.

Some people just don’t. We have friends that use AirBnB so I get where you’re coming from, but honestly the best thing you can do is just focus on keeping your customers happy. If you keep the kind of review rate you’re getting right now, you’ll do great in the long-run!


I have long time happy clients who never leave reviews too. I stopped thinking about reviews. After a long time you get burned out with thinking about them.


Please don’t hijack other people’s threads asking people to review your gigs. There’s an appropriate place for this, which you know, as you’ve posted these gigs in there many times.

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Fiverr reminds buyers to leave a rating, and they do it twice, so if a buyer doesn’t rate the order after that, it’s typically because they don’t want to, and trying to force them would only annoy them.


Ok that puts my mind at ease thanks for the reply. I guess being immersed in Airbnb for so long has messed with my head, I mean if we don’t leave a review we get penalised…

I will keep focusing on the work, which I love, and not worry too much about the reviews.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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This may be helpful to you:

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I am a buyer and a seller on Fiverr. Plus, I have friends who are buyers. Some of them have told me that they do not leave reviews because they want to remain anonymous.


Yes. Because trying to incentivize a review of your work creates bias and pressure. Fiverr wouldn’t enable that.

If buyers don’t respond to Fiverr’s multiple offers to write a review, they obviously don’t want to and are just going to be annoyed if the seller then creates pressure to review.

Also, the buyer is the one who makes the transaction, so they are the ones that get to leave the review. There is nothing weird about that.