Can I leave rating/feedback if order is cancelled?


I placed an order on July 7 that has still not been fulfilled (today is 8/2). I want to cancel the order but want to know if I can leave a review if the order is cancelled. Anyone know? Thanks!




I’m curious to know: how long was the delivery time on that order, and how late is it? Because orders delivered late will get an automatic negative notation about ‘delivered late’ even if you don’t leave a review. But it seems that it must be extremely late by now, so I wonder if the seller will EVER deliver it, knowing that that notation will show up. Maybe he hopes you’ll forget about it, and he can keep the money. Have you communicated with the seller to find out what is going on? Maybe he had an accident and is in the hospital.


I’d very much like to know this, myself.

I recently cancelled an order, and I’d still like to leave positive feedback for the seller because it was not her fault; she just couldn’t use the document I sent her because it was the wrong format, and I didn’t know how to change it so that it would work. She was very nice and responsive, and deserves positive feedback.