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Can i legally buy gameplay from fiverr?

  • well just as the topic asks, i want to hire people to play mobile games for me to then post on my platform essentially claiming it as mine, but am concerned about copyright rules on that. Maybe ask sellers to first obtain permission from the game developers, and to include proof of such in the package?

  • any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you looking to buy game footage? Or hire play testers?

If neither, then I’m not sure what you’re asking.

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I don’t understand what you mean either, but if you are claiming something is yours, when that is not the case, then the answer is obvious.


There are a lot of sellers selling gameplay video services on fiverr and they have a lot of reviews. I believe if it was against copyright rules, those sellers wouldn’t exist. Gameplay videos once the game is legally your purchased copy (or free to play) are not against any rules in terms of video game companies unless the game is under an NDA otherwise you wouldn’t see them on youtube and facebook. You would need to ask the seller for complete rights though so that the gameplay video they make for you are 100% yours.

Here is a post:
Video Denied automatically with no modification which may be helpful to the OP.