Can I link one payoneer account for with fiverr account?


Hello Fiverr sellers, i have 2 different account on fiverr, one for webdesign and another one for Graphics, I want to ask is it possible to link my 2 fiverr account to my payoneer account so that i can be able to withdraw my earnings from both fiverr account to my one payoneer account… Please anybody with this experience should please share with me… Thanks


Well, Sunday morning is the best time to confess your sins, I suppose!

You do realise that you’re only allowed one account, don’t you? Having more than one is against the ToS.


You could create new payoneer account by your friends,
Then you are able.

  1. No, it’s not possible.

  2. As @offlinehelpers told you, having more than one account is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Fiverr might delete all of your accounts for that.


Ohh! Wait i dint know this before i register, I didn’t even Read all the Terms


Contact customer support and ask them what to do.


as every one said, having more than one Fiverr account is against the ToS and the 2nd thing is you can not use one Payoeer account/card for 2 Fiverr account.


Since i now realized it is a violation of Rules, How can i contact them to inform them my wrong did, Will they not quickly delete me?


deactivate one of them to avoid future confliction/hassles.


Ok But i need to withdraw my earning First


Yes, you can not deactivate the account if you have funds in it.


You can do the both web design and graphic in one account.


Yes That is what i will do now Thanks


For future reference:


Ok Thank you i will read the Terms