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Can I link to a booking app to book live consultations with clients?

I’m working on the requirements for a new gig that includes live consultations. But as my time needs to be booked for a live consultation, I’m using Acuity and I’m wondering if it would be against the TOS to include a link to my booking page for clients to book a timeslot? (Since Fiverr doesn’t have this functionality at this time!)


I think you need to ask CS for that one.

Be very clear why this is necessary and cannot be worked any other way (take care to think this through).




I asked because I wondered if anyone else did this too.

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TBH, I don’t see Fiverr as a place from which one would get serious clients who will make and keep such bookings.

You may find otherwise.


Yeah there are people who do this, I see some voiceover artists who offer a client do a live studio recording so feedback is much quicker. But you have to ask CS for their permission and so they are aware that you would do it.

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