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Can I login to my account from 2 of my PC?

I login to my fiverr account from 2 of my PC and one mobile device. Is there any problem happen from fiverr like account suspension. Someone is asking not to login from 2 PC. What’s the real fact about this.

Advance thanks.


Similar services can’t be offered by two accounts from the same digital location.

You’re free to log-in to your account from both of your PCs. There’s no danger of the above happening if you do that.

I log-in from my computer, my laptop, my phone, my iPad.


Hello, anyone can login from more than one device, it’s normal. I use two PC’s, two different internet providers, and one phone. As long as you only have one account it’s fine.


Exactly, same situation. 1 PC at home, 1 PC at work (diff ISP), and my phone is always with me. Been like this since I began, no problems.

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