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Can I make a gig that is not 5$ price?


I wanna creat a SEO gig at a price of 20-30$, can I do this on Fiverr?


Thx to everybody, especially to @fastcopywriter, great suggestion!!!


Yes, creative lead ins, or teaser products are the way to get people hooked and then buy your gig extras. Be careful, however, that you clearly state, as I do in bold in my description, exactly how much of the product the buyer is getting. Because if there is any misunderstanding, then it can lead to cancellations and negative reviews. For example, I was writing 500 words for $5 when I first started. Then, I went to 250 words for $5, with 500 words being a gig extra. My sales went down, but I am working half as hard for the same amount of money.


no you can’t, but you can use Gig Extras!!


I saw a guy who makes video intros, he offers 3 seconds for $5, and then you have to pay $20+ if you want 30 seconds. So he’s obviously driving bigger sales, most people are not gonna need 3 seconds, so they’ll pay more or hire someone else. Personally, I’m not against $5 orders. They add up.


Use Gig Extras.


No you cannot. But you can always make use of extra gigs. Offer less work for $5 and use extra gig for extra work.


Reply to @hepismajli: My pleasure. Best of luck with your Fiverr journey. Maybe it be a good one.


When you are just starting out, offer more for less. When you get some sales under your belt then you can raise the price. It may seem counterintuitive but it is worth it.


@silberma1976 Sales only dropped slightly. I decided to do it, because writing 3 articles per day for $10 each made more sense than writing 6 articles per day for $5 each. Plus, I have a lot of regular customers who were willing to pay the extra. I have a high rating, so I show up high in the Highly Rated page. This brings in new traffic. If you are comfortable working at a certain level, then keep doing it. But if you find yourself tired at the end of a long day feeling like you are giving way more than you are getting, then consider raising your prices (or dropping your content).

The thing with people who are shopping for the cheapest writers is that they are sometimes demanding, and not very appreciative. If they are willing to go with anyone based on price alone, then they are not really after quality. People are willing to pay me for the quality of my writing. Occasionally, I get someone with an ego who wants to battle wits with me, and I find myself wanting to tell them, why don’t you just write it yourself. You’ve wasted my time and yours and written more than 500 words arguing about a 500 word article. But I bite my tongue.