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Can i make main income form fiverr ?i have family

i asked who working alot of fiverr so can make it main income ??


It’s not impossible, but it’s a bad idea to rely solely on Fiverr, especially if you have family. There’s no guarantee that you will get any sales, let alone enough to support your family.


Yes but I’d suggest to at least study and consider other supplementary options. Fiverr does have slow periods even if you have what is considered “best seller” gig.


do all your best work and never give up. for the first do not hope a lot you will get many income from fiverr

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Keep passion! :slightly_smiling_face:

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impossible i heard some people say that

Why would it be impossible? You make money in exchange for your services here, so depending on a number of factors, like your niche, your gigs, how skilled you are, your customer service, how much money you wish to make etc, it’s entirely possible. You can make a full-time living busking on the London Underground, but all the same factors (pretty much) would still apply.

If you’ve just started, and you’re hoping to immediately become profitable to the point where you can rely on Fiverr full-time, I’d say it’s going to be especially difficult. Most people transition into full-time Fiverr. But Google it - there’s plenty of examples out there of people earning eye-watering sums of money from their Fiverr work.


I am retired, and I have been on Fiverr for two years. I joined Fiverr to supplement my retirement income. But there is no way I could support a family or even just myself with the money I receive here.

Right now it is paying for the dentist bills that Medicare does not cover. :wink:


Yes you can. me and my wife both now full time fiverr freelancers. it’s been 3 yers now working here. and we can not compare with any local job what we earn here. believe me, there is no regular job to earn like fiverr.


You may earn alot and you may relay on fiverr income. Just make sure you are offering some most demanding and quality services. Everyone don’t just get sucessed at same stage. but determination, hardwork, consistency changes the fate.

Good Luck!


You can definitely earn alot of money depending on what gig you are offering and the quality you provide. Also depends on how much you are looking to make.


impossible itself says I’m possible
Never have a negative approach towards life


I made about $600 or $700 on fiverr this month.
I am living in China, so yes, this income can cover my basic life right now. But if I want to live a better life, this is not enough. For a house rental here is about USD 200.
I just start selling on fiver for 2 month. I am still a new seller. Hope next month I will be level one seller and my sales will increase a little bit.
For the first month, I sold my gig at a very cheap price $5 to attract customers. After I have some feedback, I increased my price. But I still feel it’s very cheap because I really spend a lot time on each project. I am hoping customer can buy those expensive gig from me, not all cheap one. :joy:


This question depends on many factors: (do not answer them, I am just stating the questions.)

How much do/can you make on Fiverr?
Where do you live? Is it expensive where you live?
Can you follow the rules and not get yourself permanently banned?

And much more questions, but I think I stated the most important ones.

For example, I make good income on Fiverr, but I live in Dubai where it is so expensive (my house rental is around US$1,100 a month), that’s why I keep my day job. Say if I live in another country, where it is cheaper, I’d definitely give up my day job in a second.

Study your case properly before making a huge life changing decision.


yes you can, but you need hard work and unique stuff


Yes, you can. It takes dedication, hard work everyday and providing best services that you can. I have a family, and my main income is from fiverr in the last seven years.


I was thinking doing the same and quit my 9-5 job and work from home as a Fiverr freelancer, but after seeing Fiverr’s attitude towards sellers (i.e. banning them for the most ridicilous reasons, even when they have no fault at all) I can never feel safe when I work on Fiverr, so I changed my mind. You cannot simply trust Fiverr not to ban you one day even if you do everything right and by the book. Even though I earn on Fiverr more than I do from my day job, I wouldn’t consider working solely on Fiverr.


Yes, you can but depends on your country and skills.


It all depends on you. Coma.

And it’s not only about making money on fiverr it’s about being a freelancer. A lot of us making a solid living from this but actually again most of successful sellers on fiverr has a bigger presence in the internet and not only on fiverr. It’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket and just rely on fiverr itself and it’s algorithm.

If you have a freelancer mindset then it wouldn’t be a problem for you to make money not only on fiverr but from anything else and anywhere else.


Fiverr has paid my rent for the past 2 years, however I also have a “day-job” that is back-up in case I have slow weeks/months (which are inevitable). It’s possile, but it’s difficult to maintain a steady income on Fiverr and the orders can stop pretty suddenly with no explanation. There’s also no such thing as weekends off or holidays with Fiverr - if you turn your gigs off for a week, expect to have 2 weeks of little or no orders following. :confused: