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Can i make more then one gig at a same time

I want to make more then one gig at a same time. Is it possible or not? Will it creates some problem to me or not? Please tell me soon.


No I dont think it is a problem, as new seller you can have seven gigs in your profile @alankar_96

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yes you can make as many gigs as you want but they should not be of the same subject

For example - i will do logo design

then you again make a gig saying i will make professional logo design - This wont work

But if you make other gig regarding some other topic like - i will edit your pic in photoshop

This works :slight_smile:

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One another thing is that, buyer is raising dispute again and again regarding my order delivery. He gave me work in which she did not said about pyhton or C# language for work but even i did according to me. Also many persons takes help from the internet, copy the stuff or modify it which seems fifficult for doing that naturally so i also did that i copy a coding from internet and modify it. And she is raising the dispute " copied work" even five times and demanding money back from me and cancel the order. I raised an issue to customer support yesterday. She had a college assignment work when i saw after all this and she said to give work to her professor within 1.30 hour so how anybody can complete the coding project work within 1.30 hair but even i took help from internet to complete it… I am worry about it what happen next and what to do…

You should present everything to the customer support !

Also you have to show the customer support what have you mentioned in your gig and requirement page if that matches up then may be 5% chances are there that you will get their favour

Else there is no chance i guess

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As a new seller you can create 7 gig.

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You can make 7 gig at time if you are new seller.

A new seller can create 7 gig.
But as per my experience if you have skills on the categories, then only 1-2 gig can boost your sales.
So try to boost your skills to boosting your sales.

Yes you can create multiple gigs .

you can make 7 gig as new on fiverr

There you go @ alankar_96

Sharing screenshot might be helpful. If your arguments are strong the Support will help you.
In worse case scenario the order will be canceled and your gig denied.
You can create a new gig afterwards.