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Can i make multiple gigs in same category?

Hello guys,
Actually I am facing a doubt like can I make more than one gig in the same category.
Like if I am going to deliver a service of 6-second video ad or bumper ad.
That’s service drop in short video ads.
At the same time, I want to give a service of 30-50 second ad. For this, I have to make an individual service. But this is also drop in short video ads.
What should I do in this condition?
Please tell me

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Create ONE gig for video ads, and allow the buyer to purchase the service by set time lengths. Multiple gigs for the same service – in the same category, are, as far as I am aware, not appropriate.


You could keep it as one gig and offer multiple tiers for different video lengths! That may make it easier .

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Yes !!
You can create multiple Gig in same category but can’t create multiple Gig in same sub category.
That means, main Category is always fixed.