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Can I make sales without a computer


Please am new on fiverr and am using the mobile app not a PC and I have alot to offer like Cartoons and animation presentation, photo editing of all kinds, daredevil videos and a very good fairytale writer. Please help me out. Thanks in anticipation.


I think it would be very, very difficult to sell much on Fiverr using mobile only. It might be plausible if you using the mobile browser and not the app. I don’t think you’d have an easy time with software to create things to sell. Fairytales are not likely to be a main gig.

Plus, you’ll have to create your gig images, videos and format your descriptions. I can tweak things in mobile browser, buy only up to a point without getting stuck. I would at least obtain a cheap older computer to do the more difficult things.


How are you able to offer animations, photo editing without a computer? I know there are some mobile apps that can accomplish some of those tasks, but they’re not nearly as intricate.