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Can i make same gig on fiverr? read details

Hi, im new here…

im really worried about making same gigs. I going to create like this for example:

1st gig
Background removal and retouching

2nd gig
portrait, object, material(like wearing’s) retouch and background removal

is that a risk?


If there is no risk, then you’re not doing it correctly. Risk drives us to improve and be better.

If you want to create a gig, go ahead and do so. Experiment. Try things and see what works and what doesn’t. And know too, that as you experiment and try things, there are no guarantees. There are no guarantees that anything you do on Fiverr will make you rich, bring you orders, or make your gigs popular. Try different things, and see what works. Keep the things that work, and continue experimenting with the things that don’t.

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Yes, there is a risk. If you make the gigs noticeably different, however, there is no problem. (Such as a gig sole for objects, and a separate one for people.) I will caution, this service is very common, and therefore very competitive on Fiverr. You’ll need to be very skilled to last long-term, as well as work on improving your English.

Thanks for your reply. you really think I should create a gig like I mentioned?
what if I get banned from fiverr??

I suggest you to do a proper research about whatever you want to create a gig on. learn from other’s gig. understand that and then make your own different gig. if you offer something better and different to people they will gives you orders.

You hadn’t asked if you should. You stated that you were going to, and asked if there was risk. As such I responded to the statement. This new question, however, has a different response.

I think consideration of creating similar gigs with notable differences should be based off of the target market, the future use of the service, the work involved in fulfilling the order, and the competition. In order:

Who are you selling to? To use your gigs as an example, are you trying to sell to advertisers who want good product images for their ads, or to people who just want their face on a movie poster for the luls?

How will it be used? This one, I’ll use programming language as an example, as almost everyone knows you can’t expect compatibility between the different OS. This one necessitates different gigs, even if a set of programs might look the same on the UX surface.

Complexity of order, how long does this take? Jumping categories to art, a pencil sketch is easier than inking which is easier than adding color. Likewise, drawing just the head < bust < waist up < full body. Some artists make separate gigs based on the former, some on the latter. (To use yours again as an example, I know that hair is tricky, so thus the ‘()’ I made in my previous reply.)

Who’s the competition? Logo design is CRAZY competitive, so gig creators of resorted to unique gigs per style and genre.