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Can I make two gig in same category?

Can I make two gig in same category ? I already made two gig in flyer category one is flyer and magazin ad design and other one is flyer and poster design. It’s get any problem in future?
Please help me.



As long as your gigs are unique, you can make more than one gig in the same category. But why would you offer flyer design in both gigs? Why not make one gig for flyer design, one for ad design, and one for poster design? That seems more clean in my opinion. But the answer to your question is: yes, you can have more than one gig in a category.


Thank you so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I like this idea. It could make each of these more discoverable to the people looking for them.

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yes you can make but make sure to you have something different in all those gigs like i have some gigs related to video editing but in one i offer video advertising and in one i offer slideshows,in one i offer simple video editing so in this way you can offer you services in different ways in different gigs


Yes it’s some different like one is flyer and magazine ad design and second is flyer and poster design

thank for this useful Tips

greet idea! yes you can :slightly_smiling_face: