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Can I make use of Google Form on Fiverr?

Hello there, I was hoping someone would respond to this (preferably a moderator).

Is it safe for me to use google form as a questionnaire to get proper knowledge and understanding of a buyer company and what they want before proceeding with working with them?

The questionnaire asks all necessary information to determine what type of website they need, the features, integrations and all necessary other things.

It’s actually going to make my job easier and was thinking if it’s allowed on the fiverr platform.

PS: the service is Wordpress Website Design

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I’m not a moderator nor have I asked about it from Fiverr, but I do use Google forms for business discovery.
I guess it doesn’t really answer your question, but my goal is to provide the best user experience to my clients and since Fiverr platform has its limitations I will use 3rd party tools.


I can’t say wheter its wrong or right but Fiverr allows you to add your requirements if a buyer orders without message if you add your main requirements it can surely help your project go smooth.

Now if a buyer contacts you then you can discuss things and ask him what ever you want. So you can ask them any question. However, if you think that way its not working you can consult CS to let them know wheter its against TOS or not! They will be better able to assist you on this part.


Thanks for your contribution

How long have you been doing this if I may ask

Can’t really remember, months.
Although now I prefer Skype calls. With bigger projects it’s not about collecting requirements, it’s about filtering clients who actually know what they want and are willing to put in the time to work with you.


Exactly what my questionnaire does because there have been so many lost buyers that really do not know what they want and just expect you to perform magic by doing everything.

The requirements field cannot take all the questionnaires and my order requirements. The questionnaire is to get to know the nature of the project while order requirement is to provide information to carry out the order.

Is SKYPE allowed via fiverr or you had to contact support for approval?

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TOS says that if you need it for work then it’s fine. You can ask CS, but they often give mixed answers.

Don’t take my word for it :slight_smile:
I use the tools that help me provide the best service to my clients. If Fiverr decides to close my account for it then so be it.

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Alright. Thanks mate