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Can i mention price in my gig image?

Hello im here to ask if i can mention my gig price in gig image? My normal price is 5$ for 30 mins but in the image i want to mention 10$ for 1 hour


I don’t think you are prohibited from mentioning price on a gig image, but the price should match up with the listed gig price or it might cause confusion.

Also, over-cluttering a gig image with text is not the best thing to do. For images, generally the less text, the better.


i have 3 packs in my gig the 1st one is 30min/5$ next one is 1h/10$ and the last one is 2h/20$

Text isnt big and everything is visible and clear

Ehh, Fiverr isn’t really structured for orders charging per hour of work. I’ve read of other people doing the same pricing method, but it seems the potential for orders to get confused or out of hand if extra hours are needed is quite high.

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Yes, you are allowed to do that. I do that for one of my gigs, and I did it for my best-selling gig for the first year as well.

It is a good way to let the customer know your prices before they click. Leads to less wasted clicks by customers who cannot afford you anyway.

Also, it is a great way to position yourself on the market. Say you want to attract the price-conscious buyer. Highlighting your price on your gig image may catch their eye and make them click your gig instead of a competitor’s gig.

You can also use your gig image to highlight your quality to target a different type of buyer as I do for my current translation gig.


Thansk for that answer clear everything that i wanted to know

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It’s allowed, but I don’t think it’s a great idea - you’ll need to re-edit and re-upload images whenever you want to adjust pricing, it’s a hassle. From a consumer psychology angle it’s also not ideal imo, specially if you want to brand yourself as a quality, premium vendor. Think about it - the lower tier some shop / product is, the more likely it is to have big price signs plastered around everywhere. The more upscale it gets, it becomes less likely to have prices displayed at all. “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it” type deal.

Also, charging per hour on Fiverr can’t be done effectively. You charge per project, not per hour of work.


thanks for sharing your experience :grinning: