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Can I Message a buyer directly

Hi Everyone please help me with my question. Can I message a buyer directly on Fiverr If the buyer asks to message directly.


Well they messaged you first, right? Of course that’s fine.

If it’s someone that hasn’t sent you a message on Fiverr at all, then no I wouldn’t advise messaging them first. The buyer should be the one to initiate contact.

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No, You can not do this.

Thanks for your Answer. But if the buyer said contact me direct then what will I do

Yes - please do reply to their message, otherwise your response time will suffer.

By email? Please don’t.

I don’t understand. How did the buyer contact you in the first place if not on the Fiverr site?

Thanks for your answer

no, you can’t, you shouldn’t message any buyer directly, many sellers may take advantaged to increase their response rate that’s why the post BR.

Buyers should knock you for their orders…There is no way to communication first from your side.

Do you mean that they’ve said that in BR? If yes, they probably don’t know how Fiverr works, and that you can’t message them before they message you (unless they’re also sellers with active gigs).

And if they have messaged you and asked you to contact them directly, outside of Fiverr, that’s strictly forbidden.


no bro…you can not do this