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Can i message my recent buyer?

After a long time my recent buyer didn’t give me any order. can i message them? and some buyer want to give me order but they didn’t. , should i need to message them?

No you can’t. Read the ToS.

Why do people ask questions that are explained in the ToS?


Because they’re too lazy to read. I hope I answered your question.


Only if they told you to message them and remind them. If they didn’t, any message you send to them can be marked as spam, and for that, you could get an account warning, or get permanently banned.

Keep in mind that people who have ordered from you in the past or who have talked to you are in no way obliged to order from you again (or for the first time). It really would be a nightmare for the buyers if every seller they have ever contacted on Fiverr started spamming them and begging them to order, and it would quickly convince them to close their accounts and go somewhere else, where their privacy is protected.


thank you very much #catwriter

Messaging a former buyer to ask them if they want to give you more orders, is like your local supermarket owner calling you in the middle of the night to ask if you need more milk.

It’s odd, interpreted as rude, and looks a bit desperate. It’s also considered spam.


No, its out of fiverr tos.

Maybe because Fiverr isn’t always that clear about it. The terms of service says spam isn’t allowed but
Fiverr also has seller help pages related to this.


Keep In Touch:

Just because you’ve finished a customer’s order, doesn’t mean that your contact with the buyer should end! Use Fiverr’s My Contacts page to be in touch with past buyers when you have something that might be of interest to them (while being sure not to spam them).

If you are offering a new Gig, for example, that would be the perfect opportunity to reach out and remind previous buyers about your services.

It allows sellers to immediately understand who their most significant buyers are so that they can revisit meaningful contacts and maintain relationships with buyers who already know them and their work.

Sellers can use the page to re-familiarize themselves with the buyers that they can reach out to and initiate new business opportunities. The tool allows 2 ways for sellers to reconnect with past buyers, by either clicking “Message” or “Send an Offer”.

What’s the right way to contact an previous buyer? There are a few reasons:
Do you have a new Gig that will interest the buyer?
Do you want to let the buyer know that you are available to take on any upcoming assignments they might have?

Note: We recommend reaching out to one or two buyers every once in a while. This tool is not intended for sending mass messages or mass offers to users.

edit: Since sending out a message to a past buyer unrelated to their existing orders could get flagged as spam and the account given a warning, Fiverr should really change the system or remove the above help pages saying that contacting past buyers in the circumstances they mention is allowed or maybe specify more clearly in the Terms of service exactly what is and isn’t allowed (eg. what is/isn’t considered spam in relation to contacting past buyers).

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I always drop regular customers a message if I haven’t heard from them for a while. People like the human touch.

Also, Fiverr is sales. If somebody makes an enquiry and then goes quiet, it’s absolutely worth following up, just like any regular sales job, even if it’s to be told they’ve changed their minds.


Yes, but it’s probably also worth being very careful about how you reply or whether to (in case the message get flagged then the seller warned) eg. if you’ve already answered their question once, messaging them again 1 or 2 times might get the messages flagged, and if they haven’t left an enquiry then gone quiet, ie. if it’s just a long time since an order from that buyer, it’s probably best not to contact them (again in case of being flagged or getting warnings), as well as you don’t know if the buyer might be annoyed with the message. Unless you are sure they won’t mind that.

Maybe Fiverr should make the system so the buyer gets the option of whether to opt-in or not to notifications (like of new/updated gigs by a seller, eg. if they’re related to a buyer’s past purchase) or to future contact by the the seller without the buyer asking a question/ordering first.

Each to their own - but I sometimes feel people on here are far too cautious.

If somebody contacts me about a price for a script and I reply, then I don’t hear anything back, then there’s nothing spammy or intrusive about trying to find out what is going on.

There’s a difference between a nice message and a quick ‘u wanna do this or not’ message.

In terms of regular customers, again, sending a message saying ‘How are you doing, I haven’t heard from you for a while, is everything ok?’ is absolutely fine - the recipient is easily able to ignore it - or more than likely, respond.

To each their own though. My advice on here is for people to be much less cautious about offending people.

Those who are not sometimes get an account warning.


Sometimes they will - but like I say, there’s a difference between spamming people and following up with people.

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I really wouldn’t do this. I did used to (to say I’m going on vacation mode, things like that, etc). I also used to invite all buyers to like and share my gigs on social media if they were happy.

Over the past 2 to 3-years, I’ve seen Fiverr become a lot more militant. In this case, now I don’t bother.

I also had a regular buyer who was with me from 2014 to earlier this year. They sent me a lot of work and were generally a pleasure to work with. Suddenly in March, this person did a complete personality flip. In the process, they turned into a nightmare to work with, even asking me if I was an idiot when I asked a simple question once.

Long story short, the buyer isn’t the same person I used to work with. I’m pretty sure the original buyer has sold his SEO agency to someone and this person is about as personable as a T-Rex. I can easily imagine them reporting me for daring to send an unsolicited message or a delivery message inviting them to share my gigs on social media.

It would be great if it was officially clarified what sellers can and can’t do from a basic customer service/sales perspective. However, until this happens, I absolutely never contact buyers unless they message me first and I am replying in a 24-hour time period.


This is caused by Fiverr being the far too uncautious about banning people. There’s no real hesitation from what we hear at times.
I’d like to think that contacting previous clients in a professional way (as I’m sure you do) would be seen as perfectly legitimate etc but would I risk my account for it? No.

I was once told by a Fiverr account manager that there was no issue with me adding clients on LinkedIn and keeping in touch that way, that I could even initiate that contact with them. Have I done it? No, because customer support won’t care that my account manager said that to me a year and a half ago through a Skoipe voice call. Even if they gave me the chance to prove it, what’s the chances that person is still at Fiverr and remembers the conversation?

On balance, the risk/reward just isn’t worth it.


You can’t be too cautious. I don’t know how long you’ve been using the forum or if you read it much but we see people getting banned constantly for all kinds of things.

Fiver does not hesitate to ban people’s accounts. If you are “reaching out” to people for any reason and getting reported for it you risk anything from having your messaging ability blocked to getting your account banned.

I would be annoyed if someone messaged me whom I had purchased from before to see if I wanted to order from them. I dislike getting spam.

The buyer knows where to find you if they want to buy from you. If you don’t hear from them it means they don’t want to buy from you. Most people won’t say “I’m not interested” if they don’t want your service. Not hearing from them means they are not interested. You put them in a very uncomfortable position when you contact them and force them to reject you outright.


I don’t read too much into what a lot of people say on here.

I usually believe there’s much more to the story than the one sided aggrieved versions we get on here.

Keep In Touch:

Just because you’ve finished a customer’s order, doesn’t mean that your contact with the buyer should end! Use Fiverr’s My Contacts page to be in touch with past buyers when you have something that might be of interest to them (while being sure not to spam them).

If you are offering a new Gig, for example, that would be the perfect opportunity to reach out and remind previous buyers about your services.

This is explains everything you can do - I’ve no idea why anybody would read this and be in any doubt as to what’s allowed.

Just my personal POV.

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I could explain why but why bother since it won’t change anyone’s opinion. You don’t think I know what I’m talking about. It’s ok if they expect a reply from you to message them. Otherwise not ok. You had four very long time sellers and forum regulars tell why not to contact previous buyers.

You’ve been on fiverr as a seller a long time too so hopefully you won’t have any problems about it. Maybe you won’t get reported for it. Maybe fiverr will overlook it if you do.

Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is listed as a violation in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I thinks it’s unfair of you to say that I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, as I never said that.

But I am allowed my opinion - and I’m basing that on years of personal experience and backed up by documents from Fiverr.

I stand by my original opinion that people here are too cautious - and as a result I think they often offer well intentioned by incorrect advice.

And as I originally said, to each their own. I’ll continue to work as in always have done and you work in the way you do - neither way seems to be causing us any problem.

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