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Can I move to a new country with Fiverr?

Hello! Over the past couple of months, my gigs on Fiverr have been doing well, and I’ve been exploring what it might be like to move to another country and getting a part-time job while I continue to supplement my income with Fiverr.

I have an upcoming interview with a company in Japan (I live in America), and I’m just wondering if it’s even possible to work on my Fiverr gigs from Japan. I have heard that you have to reach out to CS about it, which I would definitely do if/when the time comes, but being able to keep working on Fiverr would be a really large part of my decision to move, so I wanted to check and see if it’s even an option before I accept a job overseas.

Does anyone know the answer or have any experience doing something similar? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Haven’t moved around in my time on Fiverr myself, but from what I can tell it seems like that wouldn’t be a problem, aside from your location being fixed to US, meaning that potentially your displayed timezone could be wrong. In theory your local time depends on your ip, but there were a few threads about it not working properly.
Either way, not a big deal.
As long as you inform the CS in advance to be safe, I don’t see anything potentially going wrong, plenty of sellers here move, travel and take their work with them on vacation. But again, not speaking from experience here, sorry.