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Can I negotiate price with my clients?

Supposed that I set a basic rate 5 USD for 500 words, May I charge more than that rate if I estimate it wud be a lot of work?


It depends all on you. I think you can charge more. Be sure not to charge with too small amount because buyers may think you’re a newbie who doesn’t have experience and wants to get more buyers with too low prices.

If you estimate it a lot of work you could send your buyers custom offers:


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You’d need to explain in your gig description that the price may vary depending on the complexity of work (for example, it’s $5 for 500 words (your gig says 600 words?) if it’s a simple translation (define what’s simple for you) and $XX for 500 words if it’s (define what, exactly, would cost that much)). If you say nothing about it in the gig description, customers can accuse of bait and switch.


Thank you for suggestion. Yes, that’s what I am afraid. I wud edit my Gig and this point clear to future clients.

I am actually a newbie, and learning how to balance all. Thank you for suggestion.

I think it will depend your explaine.
If your client understand that it;s very important and great service then you can more charge.

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You can send him custom offer

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