Can I offer a gig extra of giving me a tip


Is it allowed to offer a gig extra called gratitude/tip of $5 if someone is happy with my work and want to give me a little extra? Possible a returning customer etc.

I have only just started up but have already made a regular customer is more than happy with my work, and in the future if I build up a regular client base some may be interested in this extra.


I’ve seen some people add receiving a tip as an extra, or even create a special gig just for receiving tips. I’ve seen nothing about it being forbidden; on the other hand, Fiverr has a tip feature, and buyers who want to tip you can do it whether you have an extra for a tip or not. You can read about it here:


Thank you very much for the help! That helps a lot I do not have experience as a buyer on Fiverr.