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Can I offer any fiverr buyers for andco?


Hello friends ! I have found many buyers bring their web projects. But they have to Gigs whole amt. at the beginning. Here I have seen most of the buyers wish part by part payment as their work goes to progress and it also helpful to sellers when the project budget is higher as 4 figure. But fiverr have no such an alternative system that gives freedom to select as fiverr Gigs or Andco billing option for a project. I think the option can bring more freedom to both on large projects.

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ANDCO and Fiverr function separately. The only other option that I can think of is to have them place orders in increments rather than all at once. There have been sellers discussing the milestone system but I’m not too familiar with how that particular feature works.


Unfortunately you can’t use AndCo for Fiverr billing. Buyers have to pay full price up front through the Diverr marketplace. They can break up payment into milestones in a custom order if the seller agrees.