Can I offer for giving website visitor?


My one buyer want to promote her website. I said her I can do that even I have no gig like that service. Can I make that kind of gig?
I’m sure I can give her visitor and promote her website by social media. Which way we all use for promoting our own gigs.
So my question is it, Is it allowed in fiverr, Can I make a gig like it " I Will Give You 100 Web Visitors In Your Website’’ ???


From what I understand, those types of gigs are against Fiverr ToS and get taken down as fast as they get made. In addition, you could lose your account. :no_mouth:


Well since you don’t have 100 visitors sitting somewhere deep in you pocket, then the answer would be no. Even if you post the website on social media, it won’t guarantee 100 visitors in a specified period of time.