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Can i offer in gig to provide reviews and ratings on playstore app or any websites? (Not for fiverr of course 😂)

Can i create a gig where i offer reviews and ratings service on deferent platform like playstore app or any website. If someone need 10+ reviews on there playstore app so i will provide. Or any other platform like website etc.

Is it legal on fiverr to create a gig like this?


I also want to know, I want to create a gig on reviews import from Aliexpress to shopify dropshipping website.

No, you cannot do this. Fiverr does not allow you to create gigs for leaving fraudulent reviews for other services. And remember, it is fraud. It is deception.

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Thanks for your information :smiley:

Thank you so much for your guide. But there are lot of gig

You are right. However, Fiverr do remove these gigs when they are made aware of them.