Can I offer partial refund?


Hello everybody,

Recently I’ve had a buyer who bought my translation gig. He wanted 5000 words translated, with a rate of 300 words/$5. Midway through the text, I’ve noticed that there are about 1500 words double. So he paid for an extra 1500 words, which is $25. So is there someway to refund him this money? Can I contact CS about this?

Thanks in advance.


You can and they would say the same as I am about to: No.

Either refund him the complete amount and send him a custom offer with the correct price.


Tell him you owe him $25, so you can take that amount off on the next order or something.

Try to keep it simple.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Ask him to create a gig called my refund, then place an order and mark as complete.


Wow, very smart one.