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Can I open 2 same gig but different style?!

Hi, first thanks everyone, when I am asking something here, I always get an answer. I am interested if I have “I will be your female singer” gig, can I add for example different portfolio and write “I can sing your rock(pop or wherever) songs”, it’s allowed?

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Hi @gm_production,

No, you can’t. If you do, Fiverr will take down one of either gigs.

If you already have a gig "I will be your female singer”, that covers all styles. Why would you want to have another one just to offer a single style?

You must try to be practical & effective. :wink:


I agree with what @maitasun said.

Been there, done that. Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding “NO.” :crying_cat_face:


Thank you very much :blush: