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Can i open 2nd account same PC


Hello fiverr

I want to create another fiverr account on the same I.P address and want to know is this legal or not.

I want to create different gigs on the 2nd account so does fiverr allow me or not.

Reply me

Thank you


you can open another account but you will be band after few days.


No. It is not. Why would you want to create 2 accounts?

The reason is simple. If you had 2… or 3… or 10 accounts you could buy a gig from one account and rate it… but you’d be cheating and rating yourself.

So… No. Not allowed. Be careful if you do it. If Fiverr catches you (And sooner or later tyhey would) your IP would be banned.


No. You can’t keep two accounts for If you created new one, your both accounts will suspended soon.


I agree with rocks design. every website of this quality will have prohbited that because it wont work and it will create some system trouble


I agree completely that having two accounts and using them simply to cheat the system is wrong and should be banned - but sharing the same IP address is very common for most families and small businesses. If two people want to join fiverr and share the same IP address then I can’t imagine they would be banned. Again, I have to stress that using two accounts to beat the system should (and probably does) earn a ban.