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Can I open another account from my pc or ip for my brother?

I already have a fiverr account. But my brother wants to open another account to work. He may provide same category gigs and/or other gigs as well. We only have one pc with one internet connection.



Sorry you can’t open another account for same service to use same pc and internet connection. Fiverr doesn’t support multiple accounts.

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One Pc For One user :slight_smile: If you open more than one account from the same PC all account will be ban :slight_smile:

Yes you are correct :slight_smile:

If your brother wants to sell in a different category and has his own payment option (his own PayPal or Payoneer account) you can write to Customer Support, tell them what username he wants to use and what the situation is. They often give written approval for that if its a different category and you understand that you can’t buy from each other or use the same withdrawal account. My spouse has approval for an account and there are other people with family members doing the same. You can also tell them you have to share a PC and see what they say. Since that’s just a MAC address they might not care, but I don’t know.

The most critical part is getting permission from CS before the account is opened on the same IP. If Fiverr says no, you are out of luck, but they usually don’t.


There is no scope of using two accounts on the same pc. It may results in ban of both of the account. You can follow the advices @fonthaunt has said above.


Thank you all for your valuable replies.!!

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