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Can i open new account?


I could not work in my Fiverr account for the past one month, so I wanted to open a new account and wants to start from beginning once again.

My question Is:
On the same ip & same pc if i closed my previous account then open a new one have any problem ??


First: why would you want to start over and not continue with your already existing account?
Second: Ask CS



My last order i finished 29 days ago. And i think these is affecting my account for getting new order. @sjorscrusius is it ?


Having had orders and reviews is better than not having them.


can’t understand what you say?:sob: @somaginer1996


i don’t think you need a new account,with your screenshot, i think your account is doing well, just make use of buyer request and get your account alive back.


Thanks friend @susandesigns247 you are great


You already have reviews, so I don’t see why delete your account. I think you should just keep it.


@susandesigns247 but friend my last order i finished 29 days ago is it affecting to get my new order ?


Time is one of the most valuable commodities when building a new business. So, to start over again would be giving up all the time put into getting yourself visible. Time is one of the most precious things to those of us just starting out.


Thanks for the valuable advice. @davidstrongvo


Your account is still cool than creating new account,no one will like to give you work as New Seller without any reviews. Make use of your 10 offers daily and make sure you only apply for jobs you can perfectly do, i think you will get more and enough order then.


Thanks again my friend @susandesigns247


you’re highly welcome