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Can I pay gigs with payoneer?

Hello. I have a payoneer prepaid card and I want to buy a gig. Can I do this on Fiverr? If I can’t, what other options besides paypal I would have.


I also tried, but fiverr refused. but I also tried on eincar shopping mall, and the payment went through eincar

I have bought many gigs on fiverr, and now I’m always using my PayPal.

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I tried to pay with payoneer for gigs, I have enough balance, but fiver said it cannot process he order. When i checked my Payoneer account, it showed deducted the fund for fiver.

See two images

contact with CS fiverr will refund your amount :slight_smile:

Please how did you resolve this issue, because i just got simpler experience

Contact customer support.

Yes you can use pyoneer

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the reply is ye we can pay with payoneer mastercard its not a problem

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How does one process payment for a gig with MasterCard for instance? I tried and the only option is Paypal. How can I process with MasterCard or Visa?