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Can I PM a delivery to buyer's new account if they claim they can't access their old account?

Can someone advise me on this, please?

A buyer placed an order, I delivered it, it auto-completed. No comments, no revisions. Then I got contacted by someone from a new account (and a similar username) who said they were the original buyer from that first account who now can’t access that first account and hence can’t view and download the delivered order.

Both accounts are currently active, the order wasn’t canceled. On my side of things, everything’s great.

I told him to contact CS to get his first account back, he said “will do, thank you for your help” and disappeared for 2 days.

I contacted CS on my end to ask them if they can confirm it’s the same person and if so can they can give me a written permission to PM my delivery to this new account so the buyer gets it.

It’s a flyer for a sports event for little kids which I was paid a substantial sum for and I can’t see any malicious intent in the situation. Seems like the person genuinely lost account data for whatever reason.

CS told me they couldn’t confirm or deny it was the same person for confidentiality reasons and I was advised to only send the file to the account the order was placed from “to avoid confusion”. Which, I guess, is not an explicit “no”. Then they closed the ticket immediately after.

Would me sending the file to the new account be some kind of a violation? If yes, is there any other way I can get a file to them to avoid a cancellation 3 months down the line when they realize restoring the account access is too much of a hassle?

Thank you.


Are you saying you had an order from an account that is now cancelled and you did not get to deliver the order to it before it got cancelled? If so you won’t get paid for it.

No don’t send it to the new account. How would you get the order completed officially?

Once an order is placed you can only deliver it to the account that ordered it.

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The person placed the order, I delivered it, it auto-completed. No comments, no revisions. Then I got contacted by someone from a new account (and a similar username) who said they were the original buyer from that first account who now can’t access that first account. Both accounts are currently active, the order wasn’t cancelled. On my side of things everything’s great.

I sent the buyer to CS to get this sorted out, no updates on the matter so far.

I was just wondering if there was something else I could do in this situation.

CS gave you the best advice. Deliver the product to the account that placed the order and that’s that. If the buyer can no longer access that account, it’s on them. If you haven’t heard from them, they probably contacted CS as you suggested, got back into the account, downloaded the file, and went on about their day.

Your job is done, don’t stress it.


If I got this reply from CS, I would see that as an explicit no (or very close to it).

You’ve already gone above and beyond in trying to help your buyer resolve what is basically an administrative problem at their end. I’d want to help the client as much as I could too, but it sounds like you’ve done all you can. It definitely sounds like you can go to sleep with a clear conscience here! This is between the buyer and CS now.


There is always a chance that the second person is someone else impersonating the buyer for reasons you cannot guess. Given that you said it was a high-value order, you risk a lot if you send the delivery to the second account. If the first buyer contacts Support later and says that their content was used by someone else because you gave the content away, Support will likely refund that buyer. It’s a risk for other reasons as well. If everything is going great right now from your end, I would keep it that way. Yes, there is a chance that something will go wrong, but IMO it’s a lesser chance. It’s up to the buyer to figure out how to get their content once you’ve delivered and the order is closed.


Thank you for the advice, everyone.

I’ve messaged the first account letting them know I’ll be available for revisions if there are any in case they gain the access to that account back and will leave it at that for the time being. Hopefully, this’ll be the end of it.

you say that both accounts are active. Go to any messages from the original buyer and scroll down to see when they were last active. If it was a few hours or days ago, the user of the second account is lying. In this case, definitely do not send them anything.

Alternatively, if the user of the original account hasn’t been active for a while, the second account owner might really be them.

I would still not deliver this to the new account owner. I have had buyers scroll through videos in my portfolio and ask to buy a certain video which has already been delivered to someone else. I have declined, only later to have a new user appear saying that they are the original buyer of a video and need a new copy.

This has only happened a couple of times. However, people like this are out there. In this case, it is simply not worth the risk. As @fonthaunt has said, it is your buyers’ responsibility to sort out account problems, not yours.

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