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Can I post as buyer for working as a seller?


Hi! I am new on fiverr. I noticed that some buyer post on buyer request for their needed work? Can i do it?


You can Post a Request to the Seller Community if you want to hire someone for a project but If you want to work as Seller (Service Provider) then you need to go through the buyer requests and send your offer to them. There is a limit of 10 offers per day.


Ofcourse you can post a buyer request if you need something. That is why it is created for. But if you want to sell something then you can not advertise your product/gig in the buyer request. Like there are several others doing. This is for the buyers who are in need of something. Not for the sellers.



Post to buy not to sell.


If you’re looking for work:

If you are looking to hire someone:

Best of luck!

:bulb: Joe