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Can I post gigs in more than one category

Hey! I’m new here. Not even sure if im posting in the correct category, but i have a question. Lets say for example that i was good at making flyers so i posted that but then i remembered that I am also good at business, like updating a resume, or even psychic abilities. Would it be okay to have gigs from different categories? Will that affect buyers from purchasing?

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Welcome to the forum! :blush:

Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile: I have moved your post to a more relevant category.

Absolutely. You can have gigs from entirely different categories. The only thing that matters is that you are good/skilled at what you offer.

Definitely not (imo).

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Great…thank you so much for your reply!


Have you tried looking in the buyers request?
Have you advertised on social media?


If you are looking for some kind of help, please make your own forum post. What you’re doing right now is called “thread hijacking” and is against the forum’s rules and guidelines.


Yeah I’m looking for buyers request please help. Yes I have posted my gig on social media but no response

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ok bro I think you’re right I have to posted my own forum

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No no dear its not okay bcz your gig will not show on that category what you were provide so be must sharp full for category side its are main and major to shown your gig for buyer in right side