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Can I post project here?

I 'd like to post project here.
Is it possible?
My job description
“I am looking for an opencv developer.
If you are interested in , pls, send me message.

The forum is more for discussion.

This may be helpful to you:

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Did you tried “Buyer Request”?

where is that? I am new here.

Buyer Requests is explained in the link I gave you above.

Check this out:

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Don’t do this!

Use Buyer Requests, as advised.

If you were just a buyer, sellers wouldn’t be able to message you on the main site until you message them first. However, since you’re also a seller, after posting something like this on the forum you risk getting spammed on the main site, and you might receive a lot of messages from people desperate for work, but unable to do what you need.

For your own good, it would be for the best if this topic was deleted before spamming starts.


But I did not get any message yet.

You’re lucky you didn’t get any spam yet.

Anyway, the forum is not meant for posting jobs that buyers need done; that’s what Buyer Requests is for, and forum is for conversation and learning.