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Can I post screenshot of my upwork reviews on my profile?

Hello everyone. I have been on fiverr since 2019 but has not been serious with it. Now I want more stream of income. I am a reputable seller on upwork with 100% Jss and more than 30 jobs. Now can I share some of my customer reviews and ratings only, no link to upwork nothing at all just my reviews to help promote my self. Upwork has an option to share client reviews to another site of your choice. I don’t want to violate any rules here, kindly help a brother out thanks.


Unfortunately, who you are on Upwork, has no bearing on who you are as a seller here, on Fiverr. Your reviews on Upwork should remain on Upwork, just as your reviews here, on Fiverr, only relate to your work here on Fiverr.


Stricktly speaking, Jon, the two are different. Reviews here are visible whether or not you’re logged in. On downverk not so much.

My feeling about it is that you can probably take screenshots of reviews on Fiverr and put them on other sites - like a website or youtube, for example. However, I think that the need to log in to downverk probably means they consider everything published on their platform to be their copyright.

Either way - yours or mine! - the OP should probably not post downverk reviews on Fiverr … although they may be able to add images of that work to their portfolio, so long as the images don’t compromise client confidentiality …


I think it is not good for your I’d.