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Can I post the same gig more than once?

I’m new here as a seller. I don’t know yet what can work with listings although I went through on a lot of similar gigs to mine to see what others are offering.
I was thinking of creating the same gig a few times just with different description/images/tages etc to see which leads to more impressions or possibly orders

Does Fiverr has a restriction against similar looking gigs? Or would it be a set back otherwise or can truly work for me?

No, you can’t, and should’t try this in any way.


Check the terms of service page - the bit about “Intentional copies of Gigs” (it doesn’t say if they mean copying other people’s gigs or just your own but it seems like making a copy of your own gig isn’t allowed either).

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To be clear, I want to make my own gig more than once not copying others’.

Thank you, I will check that out!

Check the post in the community about gig, you learn a lot

I was checking a tons of posts but didn’t find the answer for this. Can you specify where to look?

You can go to Fiverr tips

Okay, I realized that I was going through that. It is the same as here. I didn’t find my answer there and I’m doing everything to know more about Fiverr. But this answer is hard to find. Going from this topic to that won’t help me. :slight_smile:
If you have a link that shows the exact thing what I’m looking for I’d really appreciate it.


There’s another line in the terms of service that says:

Users may report Gigs to Customer Support that may be in violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service based on the reported Gig’s replicated similarity to pre-existing services (copycat Gigs).

While that also is probably mostly intended to stop seller’s copying other people’s gigs it will likely cause others to report your gig or if CS sees your gigs are offering the same services they are likely to not approve one or more of them.