Can I prohibit using my product after a buyer has bought it?


Hello! My buyer left a bad review. I am sure he is unfair. Can I return the money to the buyer and take away the right to use my product?

Has anyone tried to do that?



No, you can’t. When a buyer has paid for a product and you have delivered the product, it’s theirs. You can’t prohibit the use of it.

Even if the buyer left a negative review, they still paid for the product.


If the Buyer agrees to cancel the order, they would void the right to use the product that was initially purchased (per Fiverr’s ToS). However, this would not remove the review they posted.

However, if there is an issue with the order that led to a bad review, I would contact the Buyer direct and ask the reason for the negative review and work to resolve it (if you don’t know what the real issue is). This is common in Customer Service practices. Always follow up with your customer if they’re unhappy in order to fix the issue, while working to prevent a similar issue in the future.

Good luck!