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Can I promote Fiverr on social media?

I’ve heard Fiverr doesn’t like promoting on social media that much. I am curious about refering my account on Instagram and if it is legal or not. Fiverr TOS only says that sellers should not use Google Ads to promote. Does someone know if other social media can be used promote Fiverr? Thank you in advance!


I wouldn’t waste my time doing it unless you are certain that your followers need you services.

Buyers look at listing of services right here on Fiverr.

That is how you get work here.

Not with social media (regardless of what many newbies will post below this post of mine).


I will answer your question with a question of my own. Why do you want to promote on social media. I like @looseink 's answer in this thread.


Well, I actually see a pattern here. @looseink has friends on Facebook and Instagram. But Instagram can be professional/ commercial, not personal. So, Instagram can have followers not just friends. Nowadays Instagram can even be a shop.

I agree with previews comment, but actually my question was if it is legal to promote Fiverr on social media or not…?


It is legal, but many social media places have banned the promotion of Fiverr gigs on their sites.


You can bypass the ban of various sites by adverting differently without using the domain. I’m not suggesting it, but I’ve seen this numerous times.

OP: When you create a new gig, Fiverr suggests you sharing it on Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin.


It’s legal on social media, you just can’t use services spread over websites like Google AdSense or your account will be permanently banned.

P.S.: don’t promote yourself unless you have a dedicated channel (e.g.: you’re a musician with a separate Twitter/FB/IG profile or the like), have interested friends who are really, actually going to be converted into buyers, or are in very local - or at least tight-knit - groups for buyers and sellers.
If you’re planning on simply posting links, you will just be wasting your time and generate no orders.


Ok ok thanks for your answer:hugs:


alright I get it. Pretty impressive how Fiverr stands on itself :slight_smile: