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Can i promote my gig link on social media?

Dose fiverr allow me to promote my gig on social media ? Or it will ban my account? I need help.

Yep, that’s fine. Just be mindful of the platform’s ToS and netiquette when you post.

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You can, but it’s only worth doing if you know how social media generates leads and you know what your audience wants to see and gear non-promotional posts around that.

If you just want to post your gig repeatedly, don’t bother. It just annoys people, makes the seller look unprofessional and will not generate sales.


Much like all those replies to posts on Fiverr’s Twitter page. There could be hundreds of responses with only three actually relating to the posted content.

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Yes! Exactly. And they do it to other threads, too. It’s a huge problem on Twitter.

On top of that, most Fiverr Sellers just post their gig over and over again and that’s literally all they post. Who wants to follow that? Seriously? And who would hire someone that unprofessional?

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