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Can I Promote My Gig On Facebook ( Paid Promote )


Hello Members,

Actually I Want To Increase Awareness Of My Brand Page And Connect Users To My Fiverr So I Want To Ask From You Can I Promote My Gig On Facebook Is It Legal And Allow on fiverr ? i don’t want to block my account :grin: Please Suggest

Thank You


really don’t know,
but if you have website you can promote there.

Contact CS .


Yes, you can promote your Fiverr gigs on Facebook, but you can’t promote your Facebook account on Fiverr.

Good luck!


Love your logo BTW!

Just thought I’d add - if it’s paid advertising on FB, you might be better to check - I know I’ve read you can’t advertise through Adwords.

Cheers for now!


i’m not sure about this but each time I post something relating to fiverr on facebook ,facebook seems to frown at it


you can simlpy post your gig link on your fanpage and boost it as a ad. I think it starting cost is 3$ per boost


Ok Sir Thank You ! :slight_smile:


Thank You :heart_eyes:


Hahahaha ! ok Sir Thank For You Guide ! :sunglasses:


Yeh ! Thank You Ma’am We Will Do It ! After Getting Permission From Fiverr Support :sunglasses:


AFAIK it’s possible, but opinions differ as to whether it is worth the investment


Why not Adwords? I’d have thought Fiverr would be happy to get advertisement from anywhere?


From the terms of service

Sellers may not promote their Gigs or any Fiverr content via the AdWords platform.

I think it could be because Fiverr themselves are paying for adverts with Adwords, and don’t want the sellers to be in competition with them?

If you Google fiverr logo, they do have an ad at the top of the page.


I think you can.because fiver let you promote in twitter why not in facebook,I don’t think fiverr has issue with facebook. :slight_smile:


Ah, okay. I suppose it makes sense if Fiverr are already advertising. I suppose. ?


Share and logos and under share button implies that you can share your GIGs on facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.


Fiverr allows users to advertise their services on facebook. If you need help creating Facebook ads please let me know I would be happy to help


Save your money. Tried that…got a lot of on lookers and no buyers. Fiverr does a great job marketing.


I am not sure if it is allowed, contact CS regarding that but I can tell one thing. Do not use FB to advertise(paid). Seriously no. If you will do some research, you’ll see how people are not happy with promotion on FB. Specially considering the fact that we are not MNCs will millions of dollars to spend.


People use Facebook to sell all kinds of things, of course, my advice to sellers would be to create a landing page and then put your Fiverr affiliate links there, as well as the Facebook pixel so you can measure conversions.

On the other hand, Facebook advertising is a crapshoot. If you spend $5 and get a $50 or $100 order, that’s awesome. If you spend $5 a day and only get Facebook likes for your page and nothing else, you’ve wasted your time.