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Can I promote my gig using facebook ads?

landing page?.. I will research more on it.
But can you give me tips on how it works?


Why do you think it’s a bad idea to promote gigs directly?


Sharing your post and creating an ad are two very different things.

@Excel8803 I don’t recommend doing this. Ads only make sales if the publisher is reputable and the services well targeted. Ads for products also tend to not get sales if there isn’t any social proof of quality. If you don’t have reviews and don’t seem in demand, it won’t sell.

Ads only work if you understand how to use them to generate leads and understand sales. You are lacking an understanding of sales and lead generation and this is going to affect your ad success, too. Visibility is only one factor.

Don’t think that: the more exposure you have, the more likely you are to get sales. It doesn’t work that way.

Also, ads are expensive. You probably wouldn’t even break even on the cost of your ads, let alone profit from them.


I think you have many knowledge about generating lead and ads. Than what you say to promote gigs too get clients. :thinking::thinking:


yeah, theres a thing on fiverr where you can promote on other pages i think :slight_smile:

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If you have a website you can create a specific landing page (That you can change at will)
There could be nothing on this page but your face description and service .
Dynamic links or redirects are on the page.


Yes you can but not directly.

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your gig is amazing and outstanding


I researched this to understand and so can you. It’s all over the internet.

You need to understand the fundamentals of organic marketing first.


I still don’t get it. Why make a potential buyer click twice? Why not go to the gig directly?


If you use facebook ads just promote your skills,mybe add a website where people can contact you and see your works no need for the gig.
by the way we can help you make a web site :wink:
just check our gigs


Having a general website allows you to showcase your insights in a way that you can’t with your Fiverr pages alone. Plus, when a sale happens online, it tends to happen in a sales funnel and unfortunately Fiverr has no funnelling capacity.

Plus, when you have a general website, you aren’t restricted to Fiverr’s rules and you can tailor it to attract your particular audience.

It’s a myth that extra clicks opening other pages prevents sales. Getting to the point of a purchase is almost always a multi-step process.


You need create a gig properly. Use perfect keyword into your gig title, search tags, description and pricing. Also optimize your gig image. Then marketing your gig at social media only 2-3 times in a week. Thank you.

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There is no such thing as “perfect keywords.” Using the most appropriate keywords for your gig doesn’t guarantee success and actually may make you conflict with competition who are using those same words.

Posting social media at a certain frequency has nothing to do with the likelihood of getting leads.

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Thank you for your thoughtful answer! Let me play a devil’s advocate here for a moment, and ask why would I then drive traffic to Fiverr at all when I could capture all the leads for myself and keep 100% :upside_down_face:


Yes, you can promot your gigs on facebook and you ca also run ad campaing on any socia media.


But if you have passive work on Fiverr and just use your website to gain sales during the inevitable slow patches here, you may have a better shot at keeping your ratings up and get to the Level you want.

Plus, the social proof of reviews here could inspire people to work with you in general. It could potentially add credibility, especially to your sales skills.

Okay Thank you for your advise.

I think you should read the article in this topic… You should get your answer(s)…

Great reasoning :+1: