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Can I promote my gigs by Email Marketing?


I want to promote my gigs by email marketing.

Does Fiverr allow this? :confused:

I don’t want to spam by sending random emails. I have found some user’s emails who might want to buy my service.

I want to ask them If they are interested to buy my service or not

Thank You.


No you cannot do this. It is spam.

How did you find users emails?


From Social Media, I have found those emails.


fiverr users have their email on social media? I’m surprised.

Spam is never allowed anywhere on the internet. It is illegal in all cases.


I am not sure about that they are Fiverr users


You are not allowed to spam anyone including fiverr users. There is no spam that is ok.


I know. Actually, I am disappointed about that I am not finding buyer request in my buyer request section. Sometimes I get but I have found only 4 related to my gigs in 1 month. I am not getting any order by promoting on social media. So I wanted to find another way. Can you suggest me some effective ways to promote gigs?

Thank You


I don’t have any suggestions but maybe someone else will have some for you.