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Can I promote my Gigs on Forums?

I just want to know the organic ways to promote my gigs. Like can I promote my Gigs in different forums?

Best place to promote your gig is social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and if you can do premium promotion, it’s fine.

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What if I promote my Gigs on different forums and on different blogs?

Yes, it’s fine and work well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Publishing my gig on forums is legal on fiverr or not?

Yes, you can promote your gig at any forums, but don’t drive any bot traffic to your gig, it’s dangerous for account.

What do you mean by Boot traffic?

I mean, don’t drive Fake traffic

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Thank you so much <3

Fiverr allows marketing not spamming…

Promoting my gig on forums is spamming?

OF Course you can :slight_smile:

You should know the difference between marketing and spamming.

And I don’t tell you promote your gig on forum is spamming.