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Can i Promote my gigs on my own blog or website?


i have own websites & blogs
can i promote my fiverr gigs url on my website post images & main keywords back links possible or not possible

that one fiverr allowed or not allowed pls tell me

example my logo image i post my website then i linked that image for my gig links

thats safe ? or not safe


Yes, you can share your profile and gigs on your own websites and blogs. It is allowed according to Terms and conditions. I suggest you Read Fiverr’s Terms and Condition and also Fiverr’s Policy. You will get almost all answers related to your query.
You can also contact CS for some complicated stuff or anything, they will definitely help you.

Note: You cannot use ads or any type of advertising to get more views or followers.


Yep - you can do all of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only thing you’re not allowed to do is to use Google Adwords to send traffic directly to your gig.


Yes You can use… I am also share my Gig to my website and others Platform.


can i share for my own you tube channels & other related you tube video can i comments thats good or bad


Yes you can share your GIG anywhere but never influence with misinformation.


How you market your gigs is entirely up to you, so long as you remain within the ToS of any social media site you use. :slightly_smiling_face: