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Can i promote my protfilo on buyer request?

hello forum…
I want to know that…
can I promote my protfilo webssite on buyer request???
#advance thx


I think it will be spam.

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Buyer Requests page is only for buyers looking for sellers, it is not for promotion.


tnq for respond
but for some work if i give the protfilo on the buyer request box…that was great for job…

can you give me more info for this case??
it was great for me??

oh can i cancel my request ? because i was promoting my portfolio

hey i am rana.
i think no need to cancel…
but if you can contact CS that was great.
thank you

The buyer request section is as it already suggests for buyers. Not for sellers to promote their services, you can respond to requests however but I would not link to an external website or portfolio.

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thank you lot.
i got it