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Can I propose prices


Hi, I’m a beginner and I’d want to know if I can set my own prices in the description of my Gig we cannot talk about prices there. Do I have to work always with the fixed price of $5?

Thank you.


Reply to @atechkid: No you can’t. This is against the TOS.

@manuel2p You will need to achieve levels first so that you have the option to add gig extras where the amount is higher.


Well, if your service costs more than 1 gigs ( $5 ) then you can ask your buyer to buy the number of gigs that will round of the cost. Example: If your service cost’s $15 then you can ask your buyer to buy 3 gigs. B-)

When you reach level 1. You will have option of gig extras. :smiley:


Reply to @anarchofighter: Well, my question was if I can propose quantities in the DESCRIPTION of the gig, for example, things like: “My price is $4” and so on.

Please tell me where I can find information about these things because I have read the Terms of Service but I haven’t found anything related to negotiations and prices.

Thank you.


Well, my question was if I can propose quantities in the DESCRIPTION of the gig, for example, things like: “My price is $4” and so on.

Please tell me where I can find information about these things because I have read the Terms of Service but I haven’t found anything related to negotiations and prices.

Thank you.


Of course a vendor and buyer can negotiate. And to level up it may be worth it; however, in general work done or training provided for $5 is already a bargain.


Reply to @flyby: I’m not sure about that. Read it somewhere here.

What if there is a particular buyer request in your inbox asking for something more than what you actually provide for a gig. What can be done in that case and why is there a option to buy multiple gigs?

In my niche buyers always ask “how many gigs” for a particular job. Now I show them the gigs extras.

manuel2p said: Do I have to work always with the fixed price of $5?

One way to "adjust" pricing for your own new gigs as a newcomer is to specify (limit) the amount of work you'll provide for $5. That might be done differently depending on the type of gigs you want to do. Tell us what kind of work you wish to do and someone here might give you ideas on how to structure your description to get better sales and more money by offering variations of your gig.

As general examples, you should always offer something starting at $5, but still give most buyers a very good reason to upgrade their order, such as...

* if you do original music, your gig description could say, 10 seconds for 1 gig or $5, 30 seconds for 2 gigs or $10, 1 minute for 3 gigs or $15, or contact me before ordering for longer times...)

* if you do voiceovers, you can base them on time, extra features (adding music or sound effect, script writing or editing, multiple voices, etc.)

* if you do translations, usually base it on word counts or other considerations (suggesting grammar fixes or showing both languages side-by-side, translation into more than one language for 1 price, etc...)

* art or graphics differences might be in size or complexity, number of colors, file types, deliverery of hard-copy, etc.

Until you get more flexibility by reaching level 1 or level 2, getting specific about amount of content (work) you'll do for each $5 increment might be your best way to jumpstart a gig without giving away your work for too-little money.

Yes, making your customers place several orders on one item might seem like poor service. But it is the only reasonable way to do it as a beginner. If the customer understands the levels system at Fiverr, they should also understand this. The good side for new sellers is that doing sales this way - if you can - also helps you make more sales when you are new, and that helps you get to level 1 or 2 where you will be able to offer larger order through "gig extras" instead of multiple gigs.


No, all offers are made in multiples of $5.


Another good reason for the fixed price increment of $5 is to avoid the “math tricks” that occur on many other retail sites.

If pricing were NOT standardized, then some sellers would try to gain an advantage by pricing services at $4.99 or $4.50 or whatever, just to get more attention and a few more sales. But it would hurt other good sellers who can barely make at profit at $5.00.

Fiverr decided that it would be better to let sellers compete on quality and value of the gig offering instead of getting caught up with tiny differences in pricing. (Plus, the $5 figure is part of the corporate identity and name.)

On sites like eBay or Amazon, some sellers even try other “tricks” like selling an item for an artificially low price like $2 then setting their shipping costs artificially high - like $8. Then if there is a complaint about the product, the seller can refund the small purchase price but keep the too-high shipping money.


Great points. I’d like to add that having multiples of 5 ensures that Fiverr’s 20% cut, and the seller’s 80% cut never includes cents of any amount.


Reply to @apicturesworth: Well, let’s be clear… it only impacts our $4. Fiverr is paying the PayPal fee. I have no reason to think they’ve had them waived :slight_smile: LOL In fact, it’s rather inconceivable. So fiverr is paying the full 3-ish percent on $5 or 15-cents in fees out of their $1.


Reply to @flyby: Really when did you become the Fiverr expert Flyby? Almost all of your gigs are the same exact gig and same seller niche with a different title. Ohhh as far as i know that’s just skirting thin ice of violating seller TOS. You fly under the radar because the last few words of the title and the picture of each gig are different. The Fiverr editors would have a field day. I’ll bite me tongue. Before you comment on other people violating TOS or the legalities take a look in your own backyard. I have been here about as long as you…I’m not a top rated seller but I make really good sales and I write a Fiverr blog.

@manuel2p if you want to charge more than $5 per order and you don’t have a level yet you need to have buyers order 1 gig to a time and deliver each order with the same thing or parts of the project in each delivery. the buyer needs to be willing to pay the price you suggest. Convincing a buyer to order more than 1 or 2 gigs is tricky. So good luck. When you reach level 1 and level 2 you will have an easier time selling. If you have any questions get a hold of me.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: No body is claiming to be an expert. I’m simply pointing out it’s against the TOS to state in your gig description you want multiple gigs for a single purchase. That is why there are levels. IF a newcomer did this that is circumventing levels.

Sure, we’re a top rated seller and we’re flying under the radar. Sigh


You can put bullet points stating what other services you offer. i know a ton of sellers who don’t have a level yet who do it.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Please contact customer service and ask them if it’s within the TOS to do what you’re suggesting. Could you please come back here and post their response.

The bad advice you’re giving will jeopardize users accounts.


seriously, don’t make me go loco. I am not contacting anyone because I know what the TOS states and I learn from trusted TRS and other Fiverr seller how to sell and do it right. The goal here on Fiverr is to sell in increments of $5, not just sell for $5. You have to offer a base price service and then offer other services for other amounts. if we were to just sell all gigs for $5 there would be a levels system and we wouldn’t be allowed to have buyers order multiple gigs. if a seller offers a service that is ultimately more than $5, but can only sell it for $5 the best thing to do is request the buyer order more gigs. it’s no guarantee a buyer will order more gigs, but implicitly leaving the thought out there that if they order more they will get more, a buyer will order more gigs. is it your intention to find 10 people to irritate before midday.


Hi, welcome to fiverr. Actually even if you are new without any level, you can still write about your price in your description. For example, tell your customers :-

If you want A, order 1 gig.

If you want B, order 2 gigs.


Reply to @flyby: I like you store a LOT. Very nice working of a vertical market! Love the totally consistent graphics, everything.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Thanks :slight_smile:

Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz : If you are a new seller without levels you are NOT allowed to offer multiple gig prices in your description. For anyone in this thread who is thinking about doing this please contact customer support and they will tell you exactly the same thing. Have a nice day @cust0mcr3ationz. I see no point in trying to explain this to you further.