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Can I provide googled images to buyer in a web research order

I am a New seller and I have got an order to do some web research. Is it ok if I give him googled images with the data I collected?


What were the terms of the contract for delivering the order? What did you agree to send? What format or file types? How was it to be presented? You need to arrange this with your buyer.

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he said you need to provide all the data and pics on this particular topic, it is a article writing job so isnt it given that i am going to research it from the internet?

Not necessarily. Depends on the topic. If it was an opinion article about a book, for example, you would probably need to read the book to write a proper article on it.

Have you accumulated a works-cited section, or are the citations linked in the text of the article?

For future orders, you should probably edit your gig, and make ‘select the file type you want’ a required step.

its actually about history, so my opinions dont really matter here, he just needs an informative article with pictures, I am more than happy to reference the websites and and videos tho.

Then do so, and take steps to make this an easier process for yourself in the future.

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Thank you very much!