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Can I Provide my Website URL?

A potential client wants more than can be reasonable provided from Fiverrr - asking for comprehensive content writing an potential SEO survey of the site. What do I do?

A: Offer the services as multiple gigs ( say x 25) or

B: Provide my website URL and ask her to take it from there?

C; Tell her to look elsewhere and refuse to divulge my own site?

In other words, what do I do if a client is seeking more than a gig can provide, and even wanting full professional services to promote their website or blog? Can I offer my website URL or my website email address, or must I tell her I cannot help her?

I would never deliberately seek this, but clients do sometimes ask for more extensive services that cannot be complete using Fiverr. They would insist on seeing my website to assess my credentials, and in any case, much of the work would involve them becoming acquainted with my own team, and hence personal email addresses.




Once you Level Up, sales like this are possible. But for now @kjblynx is correct. Your Buyer will need to purchase multiple gigs.

Learn about levels…